ThunderPaws Ranch
Appaloosa Horses

​Photography by Rick Conners 
Shot in a slimy pond here at the ranch, this is a good example of digital editing with special effects (Fx) using Photoshop Elements. The picture was photographed using a Nikon D100 camera with a 300mm telephoto lens. I haven't seen the frog since the horses moved in years ago! All other photos shown on this page will be shot with my new Canon EOS 60D camera, utilizing a variety of lenses and edited on Photoshop Elements 10.
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I have had times in my life where I said that "I wished I had a camera". I've missed plenty of great photo situations but not this time! We were in the round-pen training Charlie and I must have said something funny. The resulting shot is one of my favorites as a candid moment between trainer and horse.
(C) 2015 all rights reserved
There was a contest in the local paper with the theme of Fall in Central Oregon. I took a lot of shots of colorful trees but this one, shot on a  horse ranch across from our place, intrigued me because of the angle of the wheel-line irrigation system with the trees, clouds and mountains in the background. Shot with a Canon EOS 60D,
F9  1/250sec using an 18-135 lens.
I found this old photograph in a long forgotten folder. Originally a simple shadow shot, I added some texture to make the plain dirt more interesting and cropping to obtain a better  balance between the cowboy and the horse using Photoshop Elements 11. 
I saw this family crossing a bridge in Yellowstone National Park and really liked the contrast between them and the natural steam in the background. Originally shot in color, I converted it to black and white for a more dramatic effect. F7 at 1/800, ISO 200 using Photoshop Elements 11.