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"Shadow", our rescued Golden Retriever with our new pup, "Sergeant". We are currently enrolled in a puppy manners class with Friends for Life Dog Training, located in Redmond, Oregon. It is a pleasure to train Sergeant in a professional, friendly environment.
"Sergeant" is a product of championship bloodlines and comes to the Ranch from Brier Golden Retrievers located in Woodburn, Oregon. Subsequent to a lengthy process of selection to insure a proper match between the pup and family, we received our new friend in July, 2012. 
"Ranger", ("Thunderpaws") was an intelligent Golden who inspired the name of our ranch. Gentle and loving, he welcomed a number of other Goldens who came to us to be fostered and returned to health prior to their permanent adoption by deserving families here in Oregon. The Golden Bond Rescue organization would love to hear from you if you are able to adopt one of their rescued Golden Retriever dogs or to make a donation.
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            "Sergeant's" Graduation Day

Dennis Fehling of Friends for Life Dog Training presents us our "Basic Manners" certificate. With excellent training from Dennis and some hard work on our part, "Sergeant", at age 16 weeks, has learned how to sit, lie down, stay, come, walk on loose leash, "watch me", go to his mat, and "leave it-take it"...all on command. He had lots of interaction with the other pups in the class and as part of a class field trip, we visited a nursing facility which was a great experience for us as well as the residents. We are encouraged to continue on with our goal to have "Sergeant" become a Service Dog so that he can visit patients, especially children, in hospitals and care facilities.